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Professional Process Services (PPS) has been providing the collection, legal, and finance industries with benchmark making service since 1986. We are professional repossessors and skip tracers. Initially founded as a subpoena service specializing in finding hard to serve litigants, PPS quickly found a niche in the collection and repossession business. Utilizing the skills developed in locating litigants, witnesses and defendants for attorneys, PPS began finding collection skips at an industry astounding rate. We currently repossess in all of New Jersey, the 5 boroughs of New York City, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and the greater Portland, Oregon areas. We are equipped and experienced to repossess anything from automobiles to airplanes and will skip trace and locate accounts anywhere in the country.

Since we do not come from a “tow truck operation foundation”, we take a much different approach to repossessions and how we have developed our business model. We employ different types of people and utilize different techniques, more in line with what we feel should be represented as an agent of a lending institution.

Please contact us for further information. We look forward to accommodating, servicing and impressing new clients. We are your repossession experts.

Coverage Area

PPS specializes in international asset recovery. To learn more about our current coverage here click here.

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If you have a repossessions need, get in touch with us today or submit an assignment here.


Find out more about the professional services that PPS offers as a company here.